What We Do Overview...

Learning Experiences

We offer active participation workshops and classes for all things composting on a small to medium scale. There are a myriad of designs and systems that can be used for spaces as small as apartments and as large as farms. Our workshops range from introductory to advanced, and include maintenance, problem solving, and building systems. Want to learn about something specific and don't see it offered, let us know!

Connecting People

There is a vibrant community of greenies, permies, susties, and generally eco-conscious individuals in SoFla. Many have found their home in various groups but some are new or struggling to find their home base. While composting may not be for everyone, it definitely gets some people excited (including us!) We'd like to make sure all compost geeks & guru's have a home base of supporters to lean on and call home. And a space for the curious to be able to explore and connect. To this end, FEF offers small and informal gatherings to bring people together, stimulate dialogue, get questions answered, and maybe even meet your new bestie!

Coached Composting

Composting is simple, but that does not make it easy. Much like home cooking, some stay away, some have natural talent, and others like a little guidance. For the latter group, FEF offers a 6-month coached composting program for individuals and organizations who would like to do on-site composting with the guidance of a teacher. The program covers the full spectrum - establishing needs and goals, choosing and building a system together, maintenance and trouble shooting. The 6-months ensure that participants are able to witness the full cycle from food scraps to finished compost. The program is adaptable and works anywhere from backyards to botanical gardens!