Congrats to the Grassroots Festival for diverting 1079 pounds of food from the landfill!

Lanette Sobel - Friday, February 17, 2012
We're proud to announce that the Grassroots Music Festival at Virginia Key donated 1079.5 pounds of food to feed animals instead of landfills this past weekend.  As a member of this community, I'm happy to see music festivals raise the level of consciousness of those around us by doing what they preach.  Not only was the team amazing to work with, the amount of talent in the 50+ bands that played over 4 days was stellar.  I even got my husband to dance (and he does NOT like to dance).  We hope to see Grassroots back in Miami next year!  If you know of an event that would like to feed animals insted of landfills, please let us know!