Announcing the Ladies of Manure 2013 Calendar!

Aaron Buckner - Friday, December 14, 2012

"A pictorial calendar that will get you to rethink all your waste, even your daily # 1's and 2's."


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Fertile Earth Foundation has been teaching people to rethink their waste for over 4 years. For those of you who don't know what composting is, it's basically turning organic waste into rich fertile soil. Organic waste is stuff like kitchen scraps, newspaper, yard trimmings, manure, even your very own poop! Anything that is not plastic, metal, or glass can be composted.

During a Fertile Earth Workshop last year, one of our volunteers asked, "How did we get so far removed from our poop?" And it got us thinking... How many people think about their poop as often as we do? How often do you ponder your #2? It tells us a lot about our health and what we need to eat, if we are dehydrated and so on. Plus, did you know there are safe ways to turn even our waste into Humanure? Yes, that is composted human poop! Your poop could be turned into to super rich black gold! Ok, maybe we're grossing you out. Let's change the subject. How often do you think about sex? Or beautiful women? This project is a tasteful synergy of those 2 things: The Ladies of Manure  2013 Calendar.

Photo by Ben Thacker

I know it's a stretch for some! Repulsive even! But before you write us off as crazy poop-loving hippies, let us ask you one more question: have you ever seen waste in nature? No one needs to sweep the forest, scoop up deer poop, or recycle in the mangroves. Volunteer trash pick ups along the beach are only to pick up man made waste: stuff like plastic bottles, soda cans, and Band-aids! There is no such thing as Waste in Nature. Waste is an idea that we humans have created.

Photo by Ben Thacker

With this calendar we want to try and get you to rethink all your waste, even your daily #1's & 2's. We cover everything from composting kitchen scraps and making your own veggie broth to teaching you the difference between worm, fish and human poop. 

We've been working on this calendar for over 7 months now, meticulously selecting women that are not only beautiful, but play an active role in changing people's minds about waste. We've brought on talented and experienced photographers, make up artists and hairstylists. We're nearly done and ready to send our design to the printers.

So if you want something different to talk about at the water cooler, a calendar to spice up your kitchen, or a gift unlike any other, support our project and you can have your 2013 Ladies of Manure Calendar before Christmas! A great way to start the New Year: with beautiful women and a fresh look at Manure!

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Photo credit Alvaro Contreras

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