Our Mission...

is to catalyze a diverse composting network throughout the South Florida community by educating and connecting people to support sustainable food systems and build healthy soil.

In other words...

For composting to thrive in South Florida, it must be sprinkled throughout the community, meaning compost is made in backyards, gardens, nature centers, schools, farms, community gardens, and industrial facilities. When compost is made by many people and organizations large and small, this is a diverse network that forms the foundation of a resilient composting ecosystem.  

Of course, at the core of this network are people! Which is why part of our service is making educational experiences around compost accessible to the community. We also believe strongly that collaborating we can accomplish more than in isolation, so we work to bring people together. 

And, perhaps the reason for it all, our soil is fundamental to the health and wellbeing of our society. Soil is our lifeline, growing our food, cleaning our air, filtering and holding water. Compost feeds the soil that feeds us, let’s feed her well!


Simple, by offering classes | workshops, setting-up and providing mentorship on compost systems, and creating gathering spaces for people to learn from one another and feel a part of a caring community.