Priscilla Carolyn - Executive Director

With a background in alternative and holistic medicine as a Licensed Massage Therapist, Carolyn emphasizes the psycho-social connection between humans and their waste. Through her training as a Permaculture Designer in 2010, she learned that there are many solutions to the plethora of our world's social and environmental problems, and choose to share and implement these solutions via education with FEF. Born and raised in the Miami Beach area, she is all to familiar with the intricacies of South Florida's habitat and culture. 

As a first generation American, her parents immigration bring forth the classic American dream of anything being possible with hard work and perseverance. "In Brazil," she explains, "whenever your in a bind, the first reply is, 'a gente da um jeitinho' which roughly translates to 'we'll figure something out.' It is practically a Brazilian slogan that comes from the constant struggles they have and reminds me that no matter what, we can always find a way." With innovative thinking, traditional integration, and versatile communication skills, Carolyn intends to continue to lead FEF in expanding its efforts to educate, engage, and stimulate new perspectives on what we call "waste."

Lanette Sobel - Co-Founder/ Director of Research/ Board Member

AKA, the Worm Lady, earned her BS in Commerce with a double concentration in Finance and MIS from the University of Virginia's McIntire School of Commerce. Sobel is the Managing Partner of Ecosante Consulting, LLC, an environmental consultancy focused on greening the hospitality and commercial office building industry in South Florida and the Caribbean. Sobel is a certified Permaculturist and is a graduate from the Maine Compost School allowing her to operate any commercial composting facility in the US. 

Sobel also teaches traditional composting and vermiculture at Miami Dade College and Fairchild Tropical Botanical Gardens. Currently, Sobel is a graduate student in the Doctor of Plant Medicine Program at the University of Florida, runs the Fertile Earth Worm Farm and conducts efficacy trials with worm tea and castings to determine its pest repellant properties at UF’s Tropical Research & Education Center.