Compost Pick-Up

More than a pick-up, a community service!

“I’d love to compost but...

I live in an apartment.”
I don’t know how.”
I tried it before, and it got really gross and stinky. Like, really gross. And really stinky.”

If you’re here, I don’t need to tell you what compost is. You wish you could keep food scraps out of your trash. You know it stinks up your kitchen if you don’t take it out every other day. 

You know how important feeding the soil is. It’s not rocket science, and it helps the environment. Reducing landfill pressure, which means less toxic methane in the air, and less poisonous leachate in our water supply. Replenishing the Earth with nutrient-rich soil, so we can grow nutrient-rich food. Awesome! 

What if I told you, you could enjoying all the benefits of composting, without ANY of the hassle of having and managing any kind of compost system yourself?

Introducing Fertile Earth Foundation’s compost pick-up service...  

How it Works:
Fertile Earth provides you with a 3 gallon bucket to collect your food scraps in. Once a week, or every other week (your choice), we pick up your full bucket, and give you a clean bucket to keep until the next pick up. 

Got a neighbor or coworker interested too? Join together and save over 20% each! 


$8 per pick up, per bucket. Each additional bucket is $5.

Where does it go?

The Miami Beach Botanical Garden, where our Fertile Earthlings and MBBG staff loving care for your food scraps, and transform them back to rich, fertile soil. Since we launched this program in 2016, this CompostHub has kept over 4,000 pounds of food waste out of landfills! 

Here’s the cherry on top: you can go there and check it out anytime and enjoy the gorgeous gardens!

We’re also excited to announce that we are planning to expand and create two more CompostHubs. 

To sign-up contact Melissa (at)