FEF has a rich history beginning in 2008 when Lanette Sobel and Tiana Madera recognized the deep lack of environmental awareness among staff while working with Miami Beach hotels to achieve green hotel certifications through Ecosante Consulting. Coupled with the realization that the only available option in Miami-Dade County at the time was to landfill an estimated 40 million of pounds of organic material coming from Miami Beach hotels each year, the need for change was clear. After learning from County Solid Waste Department officials that each of our landfills is currently leaking - posing a major threat to the quality of our water supplies and creating soil and air contamination - only added fuel to the fire. 

Lanette & Tiana embarked on their first project, "Fertile Roots Miami." It took 19 months to secure a permit from DERM and the Solid Waste Department for a small pilot project to use in-vessel composting machinery at Virginia Key yard debris composting facility to process just one cubic yard of food scraps. Although the pilot only lasted three months due to funding shortfalls, the project was a success and proved that dealing with organics was more an issue of desire and not feasibility. Since then FEF become known for our efforts to curb waste, promoting the virtues of composting and waste reduction to residents, commercial establishments and local governments. 

Accomplishment Spotlight: Since 2008, we've:

  • diverted over half a million pounds of materials from landfills
  • taught more than 2,000 individuals how to compost
  • fed 1208 people with our Food Redistribution Program
  • Provided 45,100 pounds of food to feed animals
  • Made thousands of people world-wide “re-think waste” with over 143 MILLION media impressions from our “Ladies of Manure” 2013 Calendar campaign.
Popular Past Events & Projects
  • Eco-bikini fashion shows
  • Invasive species dinners 
  • Ladies of Manure calendars