Fertile Earth Foundation is re-launching in September 2015!

If you'd like to connect, stay in the loop, or just want to get your hands dirty, 
email FEF's new executive director, Melissa Selem at

Since its inception in August 2008, FEF has:

  • diverted over half a million pounds of waste from landfills
  • taught more than 2,000 individuals how to compost.
  • fed 1208 people with our Food Redistribution Program.
  • Provided 45,100 pounds of food to feed animals.
  • Made thousands of people world-wide “re-think waste” with over 143,000,000 media impressions from our “Ladies of Manure” 2013 Calendar campaign.

"We have spearheaded projects such as “Fertile Roots Miami”, a food composting project with the City of Miami and local restaurants; an earthworm farm in Davie; and a food donation program for humans & animals in partnership with the Homestead CRA."