Founded in 2008, Fertile Earth Foundation is an environmental for-purpose (aka non-profit) organization dedicated to amping up South Florida’s composting game!

We work with individuals, organizations, and the community to teach composting, facilitate composting in Miami, and do everything we can to keep this precious resource (aka food scraps and other organic matter) out of landfills.

Our most recent project, the Compost Hub, has allowed us to launch our first Compost Pick-up Service - the perfect solution for nature lovers who don’t want their kitchen “waste” to be wasted and just add to the growing problem of overflowing landfills.

What’s the compost pick-up service?

Designed for those who simply don’t have time to take their food scraps to their nearest farm or Compost Hub, we decided to make it easy and come to you. Whether you want us to pick up from your home or office, we come to you and take your food scraps to our Compost Hub located in the Miami Beach Botanical Garden.

How it works?

Fertile Earth provides you with a bucket and lid to collect your food scraps in. Once a week, or every other week (your choice), we pick up your full bucket, and give you a clean bucket to keep until the next pick up.

Got a neighbor or coworker interested too? Join together and save over 20% each!


$8 per pick up, per bucket. Each additional bucket is $5.

Where does it go?

The Miami Beach Botanical Garden, where our Fertile Earthlings and MBBG staff loving care for your food scraps and other organic matter, and transform them back to rich, fertile soil. Since we launched this program in 2016, this CompostHub has kept over 4,000 pounds of food waste out of landfills!